Visiting the bathroom is an everyday matter and being careless about bathroom hygiene may be hazardous to health. From the bacteria lurking on door knobs, basins to the toilet interior and seat itself, a bathroom visit can be quite a hygienic challenge – and falling sick is never fun.
Whether you’ve chosen to move in together or your partner visits regularly, the choice to create a more couple friendly bathroom can be key to a healthy and happy relationship. Here are our top tips to create a bathroom that pleases both you and your partner!
Having a bathroom that is both stylish and secure space for your children is what every family bathroom needs. This blog carries on from our first family bathroom blog to give you 3 more ways to create a family friendly bathroom without sacrificing style.
Are your bathroom drains not doing the job properly? Perhaps they are awfully slow, or maybe that gurgling noise has amplified and all your childhood fears of what’s living down the drain have re-emerged? Now, we can assure you that there aren’t any monsters hiding in the drain, but it could indicate that they are clogged and in desperate need[...]
If you’re looking to add a sense of style, elegance and sophistication to your bathroom, introducing marble is a perfect choice! Marble has been used in design to signify wealth and high social status since ancient times and has continued to be a timeless material ever since. Here are our top 3 ideas for adding marble into your bathroom.
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