Protect Your Bathroom From Mould

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The bathroom is an absolute goldmine for mould to accumulate and grow due to constant heat and moisture levels. As well as affecting the appearance of your bathroom, it is also hazardous for your health. Therefore, it is important to restrain mould infestations through adequate ventilation, moisture prevention and regular cleaning:

Ventilate The Space

The first step in preventing mould build up is to design your bathroom with optimal ventilation as these furry, little nasties are attracted to damp, dark environments. You want to keep moisture levels to a minimum and exhaust fans are a must to evaporate steam quickly and efficiently after each shower. Similar to an exhaust fan, a dehumidifier is a powerhouse way to prevent mould growth by vacuuming moisture from the air. Always remember to open bathroom windows after each shower to let the fresh air flow, helping dry the room and preventing any intrusive mould from worming its way in!

Banish Moisture Accumulation

A major culprit in the growth of mould is accumulated moisture and this can be caused by many sources found in the bathroom. One thing to look out for are leaky faucets, pipes and seals that can go unnoticed, but contribute to the growth of mould. Mould loves to hide amongst bottles, toys and products so it is best to dry these off each time and store in a dry place such as under the sink. One place where mould does not hide from is the grout between tiles! To prevent this, apply a grout sealer annually to waterproof the area, which will simultaneously make your bathroom look newer for longer.

Regular Cleaning

As much as we dislike cleaning, it is essential to help keep mould at bay in the bathroom. As well has wiping away dampness, it is vital to keep all surfaces dust-free as this is a plentiful source of food for mould – gross, right? Now, the shower is a continuously damp section which requires a little more attention when it comes to cleaning. As annoying as it can be, a squeegee will be your best friend in preventing mould from festering in the shower – even just a quick run-over of the shower and tub after each use will significantly reduce moisture accumulation. A final reminder is to wash and air dry shower curtains, bath mats and towels regularly as they are continuously absorbing moisture and are more prone to mould infestation – definitely not what you want! With these simple tips and reminders, you can say goodbye to bathroom mould while protecting your health in the process.