How To Put A Little Retro Into Your Bathroom

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There’s no reason why the modern bathroom can’t receive a little retro or classical makeover (of the tasteful kind)! We have highlighted three key elements including the use of colour, texture and shape to help you create a bathroom contemporary bathroom with a touch of character and charm that’ll never go out of style!


Colour is a key ingredient when wanting to put a little retro back into the modern bathroom, as always although, it’s important to choose carefully to avoid disaster. Bathroom designs have evolved immensely on the colour spectrum; from bright and warm hues to our modern-day minimalistic and sleek schemes. While some household trends were slightly questionable, such as the iconic 70’s orange, inspiration can certainly be plucked from the past.Take for example the classic 1950’s bathroom decked out in fun and playful pastels like bubblegum pink and mint green.

These hues are a current interior design trend, and there’s no reason why your bathroom can’t benefit from a little pastel pop! From the walls to subtle decor items, it all depends on personal preferences and how much pastel you want to inject into the space. It is important to keep a balance though, so if you intend on painting wall areas in your favourite hue, it is best to stick to white or neutral tiling to avoid making the room appear smaller.

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By introducing textured furnishings you are one step closer to creating your very own modern bathroom complete with a little rustic charm. A great way to add texture is through the addition of wood grain pieces as it is extremely versatile.

Certain pieces can help channel a classic, farmhouse aesthetic while others can create a luxurious, sauna-like haven. Older-style wood is perfect if you are renovating a heritage home, but still want to keep hints of its original character. A popular way to achieve a contemporary yet rustic look is by installing a repurposed wooden vanity countertop to create a charming focal point – particularly when juxtaposed with a modern, ceramic basin. For a more subtle yet still eye-catching look, try some decor pieces such as stool or wood-framed mirror.

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If there’s one thing that defines the past it’s the eclectic use of geometric shapes… and lots of them! Geometric shapes and symmetrical patterns in the bathroom were used as a form of artistic expression stemming from the 1920’s Art Deco movement. Mirrored elements, sleek designs and rounded edges were common elements and are still distinctly found in modern bathroom designs.

A perfect way to experiment with shape and bring a little retro into the bathroom is through tiling. This can be achieved through many styles such as subway tiling, hexagonal or penny tiles to create a desired look and mood. The use of mirrors also a ideal (and affordable) way blend a little Art Deco style into the contemporary bathroom – particularly rounded and large installations

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With the ever-growing trend of making the old new again, now is the perfect time to experiment with some quirky or vintage elements to compliment your contemporary bathroom. It’s up to you how you transform your bathroom into a personalised haven full of style and character!