Bathroom Maintenance

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Bathroom Maintenance

Bathrooms are a place of cleanliness, a space where we prepare for the day or wash the worries of one that is over away. Nothing makes this experience more enjoyable than a fresh, clean and sparkling environment. Unfortunately, that goes hand in hand with bathroom maintenance. By following these simple tips you can make the job of cleaning your bathroom less of an ordeal, meaning you can fully enjoy all of the leisure and relaxation that the space can offer you.


On a daily basis it’s important to follow a few simple steps to keep moisture levels at a minimum in your bathroom. This is important to avoid the build up of mold and mildew which could ruin bathroom surfaces and pose potential health problems. One way to prevent this from happening is to allow the exhaust fan in your bathroom to run for 20 minutes after you shower, clearing humidity and ensuring that moisture or condensation is minimised.

Other simple steps include hanging up your bath mat so that it can properly dry and making sure that if you use one of your bathroom staples it is put back in it’s assigned place.


Dedicating one day a week to giving your bathroom some TLC is enough to keep the space looking and feeling great.

Your shower or bathtub is the hero of your bathroom so is a good place to start your cleaning journey. Make sure you thoroughly wipe out your bath or shower with warm water and a bathroom cleaner to eliminate any build up. Natural products, such as vinegar to remove soap scum, are a great alternative if you are concerned with using chemicals in the space. Vinegar is also particularly useful to cleanse your shower head, avoiding the build-up of any nasty germs or bacteria.

Next, wipe down the sink, clean any bathroom surfaces such as counter tops and scrub toilet bowls with a good cleaner and toilet brush. Clean your bathroom tiles by sweeping any accumulated dirt or hair and mop if needed. Finally, it’s all in the details so be sure to straighten up and sort any accumulated clutter and lay out fresh towels. Oh and don’t forget the bathroom bin on your way out the door!

Find a small window in your week to keep your bathroom looking great – you’ll reap the benefits all week long. Make your bathroom the most relaxing room in the house and a special place to unwind, feeling clean and rejuvenated.