May 04, 2018
What Is A Must Have Item for Japanese Holiday-makers In Their Choice Of Accommodation?

Did you guess right? Shower toilets! The Japanese pay extreme attention to details in all aspects of their lives. From the way a piece of paper is folded to exquisite product packaging, Japan’s sense of excellence lies in every detail. And it is no surprise that their detail-oriented nature extends to even bathrooms. Step into […]

May 04, 2018
What Will A Dream Destination Bathroom Look Like?

An unforgettable home away from home can take the form of plush beddings, infinity pools, gourmet food options and impeccable customer service. What about the bathroom? Have you ever wondered what a dream destination bathroom will look like? Avid travellers will agree that a dream destination experience comes down to the smallest of details – […]

Apr 11, 2018
Top 6 Misconceptions About Bidets & Shower Toilets, Debunked

It’s a long-standing argument that has been going back and forth in the name of hygiene: Should we wipe or wash after using the toilet? This isn’t the easiest conversation to have since not many are comfortable revealing their toilet habits. However, the sticky nature of the issue makes it necessary to do an audit […]

Apr 11, 2018
Top 5 Must-Haves for a Dream Destination

We all get bitten by the travel bug, but not everyone has the same definition of a dream travel destination. Conquering a mountain’s summit in the Everest may be a dream destination for some, while enjoying the sun, sand and sea on a hammock in Maldives may be paradise for another. Then again, sometimes, the […]

Mar 14, 2018
How To Maximize Space In Small Bathrooms

With the current trend of smaller living spaces, one of the objectives in interior décor is to maximize the space we are getting out of every room in the home. In this instance, the bathroom. How can we save ample space in the bathroom to give it a bigger, fresher and livelier look? Can petite […]

Mar 02, 2018
Why You Should Go Big On Small Bathrooms

Who doesn’t dream of a big luxurious bathroom? The thought of a spacious bathroom almost immediately relaxes one’s state of mind. However, with the growing trend of small apartments, many homeowners find that the size of bathrooms are also fast diminishing. Most homeowners now face the challenge of trying to fit wares and fittings into […]

Feb 21, 2018
How to Build Your Dream Bathroom

Don’t know how to design a dream bathroom? Here are some useful tips from American Standard’s VP of Design, Antoine Besseyre des Horts. The blueprint for a dream home will always come with a perfect bathroom. Bathrooms no longer just function as a shower space, they have since evolved to become living spaces. In today’s […]

Feb 02, 2018
How To Create The Perfect ‘His-and-Hers’ Bathroom

While the bathroom has evolved over time to become a sanctuary for singles and families, it has also become a special place for couples. With comfort and ergonomics as the usual priorities in most bathrooms, there is much room to explore in the aesthetics aspect – for a gender-friendly bathroom. A bathroom once perfect for […]

Dec 20, 2017
Ergonomics – The Most Overlooked Element In Your Bathroom

Good design evokes images of pleasing aesthetics, although marrying both form and function is de rigueur in space design, particularly in the bathroom. Many of us often disregard one very important element that makes all the difference: Bathroom ergonomics. While achieving a pleasing design may precede over functionality for some, paying attention to the latter […]

Dec 20, 2017
Latest Bathroom Trend – Green Is The Way To Go

In recent years, “Going Green” has been an influential aspect to consider when evaluating any interior space designs. Do you realise that bathrooms are by far the main source of water use, despite being the smallest room in a residential or commercial space? The bathroom is the room where we do a variety of cleaning […]

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