4 Useful Ways To Save For Your Bathroom Renovation

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There are so many tips out there on how to cut costs and save money while the renovation is underway, but what about when the update is just a dream at this stage? It’s no surprise that a bathroom renovation is an expensive (yet worthwhile!) investment, but with a little budgeting, your dream will be in reach much sooner than you think. Read along to discover some nifty ways to save some precious dollars towards your bathroom renovation:

Delete Your Food Delivery Apps (…For Now)!

Yes, you read that right. As digital age natives, it is programmed within us to treat ourselves at the touch of a button – it is just too easy, and we are all so guilty of it! However, you’d be amazed by the amount of money you could save by preparing a meal at home with ingredients you probably already have and why not make a bulk amount to last at least a few days? Every dollar counts when it comes to a bathroom renovation, and have food delivered to your door on a regular basis is a sure-fire way to burn those dollars!

Turn To Thrifting

There are the obvious ways to shop and save money like only buying from the sale rack, but thrifting is an alternate way to keep your wallet happy while supporting local charities. Up- cycling has been a hot renovation trend for a while now, and op-shops provide a great opportunity to seek unique and stand-out items such as mirrors and decor for your new bathroom. Amongst the variety of things, you can find some absolute gems for bargain prices!

Invest In A Keep-Cup

Now, this one may seem a bit peculiar but has more benefits than you think. Many of us are accustomed to grabbing a coffee (or three) on the go to keep us fuelled during the day and didn’t think about the accumulating costs out of habit. By using a keep-cup, you don’t have to sacrifice your coffee to save for that renovation – if you scout about, you will find that many coffee shops offer a discount when you use a keep-cup! Now, this may only be small, but as a daily ritual it all adds up! Better yet, you are protecting the environment by reducing the number of takeaway cups being discarded…win-win situation?

Spring Clear-Out

Spring is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to clear out unwanted items in your house and bank some precious renovation coin! Ask yourself the tough question, “do I really need this?”, Moreover, you’ll find that most of the time it’s a “no”, so why not make some cash out of it? Aswell the usual Gumtree and eBay listings, you could hold your garage sale to clear the unwanted out quickly. While on the subject, it is worthwhile to keep track of what’s in your wardrobe – hang all clothes in the same direction and once you’ve worn them, flip it around. After six months, you can sell the unflipped clothes that you haven’t worn to a new home!

If you think about it, there are many nifty little ways to help you save for bigger things like that bathroom remodel. With a set budget, implementing tricks to save on necessities as well as being ruthless with yourself for impulse buying, your bathroom renovation will be underway in no time! The earlier you start, the closer it’ll become!